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The mission of Sheri's Studio Inc is to capture and preserve your life's most important moments. We do this by providing quality professional and artistic photographic portraits while aspiring to provide you with outstanding customer service.

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Specials Calendar

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Family Portrait | Central MN | Professional Photography | Sheri's Studio Inc

When a family is young and there are million things going on and money is tight and stress is high, family pictures aren't on the top of the list.  But they should be.  When this family looks back and remembers what it was like when the kids were all still home, and everyone was so young, it is going to be the family portraits that are going be what is cherished.  It will be the proof of what someone does or doesn't quite remember correctly, it is going to be the spring board for "that" one family story that everyone remembers.
Today I was honored to have been given the opportunity to create this portraits for tis family that will only age to priceless-ness.  What an amazing feeling!

Family Portrait | Central MN | Professional Photography | Sheri's Studio Inc

Today I had the pure pleasure of creating a family portrait for this wonderfully nice family.  They joked it took a year to get in for a family portrait.  That tells me that this is important to them.  We got to create such fun for them, when we have a little ones the most unexpected moments, like grandma getting put into head lock from grandson!  love my job.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Attending NLPPA 2014 Convention

I will be out of the studio Friday- Monday too attend the Regional NLPPA photo convention and print competition.  I will be back int he studio on Tuesday at 9:00 am.  Please leave a voice mail at 320.243.7771 or email at ssiportrait@gmail.com or a pm here and I will get back to you on Tuesday morning.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Family Portraits | Professional Photography | Central MN | Sheri's Studio

This morning I woke up and my husband came to snuggle, at that moment I was so grateful to wake up this morning and still be a wife.  I felt this way because I knew that a woman with a  child in our community didn't, she lost her husband yesterday after several very stressful and emotional days.
 She work today as a widow.  As a single parent.
As I read her caring bridge entries I felt so bad for their family and families.  I hope I never have to live through what they did.  This was a sudden event that changed their lives for ever.

Sometimes that how things happen, suddenly with no warning.  A love one is lost.  A fire sweeps away your past and present. A long term illness takes it toll.  All of these situations results in "void" in our lives.  During this time photographs become so precious.

This is where I come in.  People run into burning homes to retrieve precious and irreplaceable photographs.  Grieving families cling to the photos they have of their lost loved one.  Please share any photos you have of someone with their family, it will mean so much more then you know.

What I really want to say here is, please please take time to have family portraits created. NOW.  Our families are always changing, the kids are always growing, someone is always getting married, new babies bless families all the time.  If you keep waiting because ........ something is going to change or happen you are going to miss having a portrait of your loved ones when something does happen.

"Family portraits are expensive", really because I think they are priceless.  I think there isn't anything I own that is more important to me.  Car, nope can buy a new one, clothes, nope I am constantly buying new ones, groceries, nope not that either.  Family pictures allow me to look back and remember what everyone was doing in life at that time, what they looked like, bring good memories, bad memories, funny memories, life.

If I lost someone close to me today, would I have a photo of them to keep close and help me remember?

Please have a family portrait created this year.  Make it on your MUST DO list and then make it happen.  You don't have to buy my largest wall portrait and a million gift portraits, I actually do not have a required minim order.  Just have the portrait 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

By Appointment Only???

Yesterday I had a customer let me know, in kind of a snippy way, that she stopped by and I was closed and she called and I wasn't there. I asked her when she stopped at it was 12:30 and I asked her if she left a message when she called, no.
Let me explain for a moment. I have been open in Paynesville since 1993, in those 21 years I have been closed 12-1, so I can have lunch, so I can have a daily date with my husband, so I can help with field work food during the seasons.
If the phone rings and I am in a scheduled session I don't answer it. I do my level best to give my customer 100% of my attention during our scheduled sessions and that means letting the call go to voice mail, to be returned in an hour or less in 99% of the cases. Please leave a message.
I work by appointment only, I ask for no "Drop ins" again so I can dedicate my attention 100% to the customer that does have an appointment. It is terrible rude for me to leave a session I photographing to answer the front door and ring up a customer "dropping in" to pick up an order or make an appointment. I want to give you 100% too!
When a customer picks up an order I want to be able to take the time to answer any questions you, address an concerns, share the portraits with you to make sure we have everything 100% correct for and to see your expression and excitement when you see your portraits, this happens by appointment.
My job takes me out of the studio too, on location sessions, delivering order, buying materials for custom props and backgrounds, running to the post office and bank. I arrange those times based on my scheduled appointments.
SO when I am not here that doesn't mean I am just closed, I am still working.... just not in the studio at that moment.
Let me do my best for YOU, allow me to schedule an appointment with you for all your needs at the studio.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Business Portraits | Professional Photography | Central MN | Certified Photographer

A professional business portrait gives your perspective client an idea of who you are; what you look like.   Are you professional or a guy with a website, do you look honest and relabel, do you look like someone I want to do business with, do you look friendly.  They make all these split second decisions based on the one first impression, from your business portrait.

We are all in a world of "Do It Yourself-ers"  We fight for our clients to understand and appreciate the quality and value a true professional give them.  So, why would you want to a "DIY" business portrait showing the value and quality of a hiring a professional. Isn't a DIY picture just reinforcing the public's perception that they can DIY it too and don't need to hire you!

We have a great special going on March 1-10 to help you help your business.

 Call now to reserve your session and make the First Impression count!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Princess Ball | Professional Photography | Central MN | Sheri's Studio

It is a wonderful feeling to be asked to be part of such a wonderful event for these young ladies.  I am so grateful that my community supports my business so that I am able to donate to these wonderful causes.    Each of these beautiful young girls had their portrait created at the Ball and will receive a memory portrait in the mail as a keepsake from such a fun event.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Professional vs "i have a camera" | Sheri's Studio | Professional Photography | Central MN

You know what?  I LOVE taking pictures.  It is fun and I hope everyone gets to share that excitement too.  But I also create Portraits.  I can do that because I have been trained over the course of 20 years of college degrees and countless seminars, conventions, events, retreats, and classes.  I have invest in the right equipment that I know how to use, and hone my craft. 
I want everyone to share the joy of photography but I want people to keep it as a hobby that they love.  Once they start taking their friends pictures for a little money it grows and before long they are "doing sessions" for new borns and weddings and other ONCE IN  A LIFETIME events that can be redone.  
I love to bake, I don't make wedding cakes and charge for them.  I enjoy painting to no end, but I don't hire out to paints my friend's walls.  I enjoy building stuff, so I make props, not my friends houses.  I own scissors, but I promise you that you do not want me to cut your hair.
  Find things you love to do and get great joy from them and enjoy every minute of those hobbies but please leave the big stuff to the professionals.
You may think you are doing them a favor, saving them money...did you look a the photo above.  Really, are you saving them anything except from getting a beautiful portrait that their children will inherit?

Let me do the professional portraits, you have fun with your camera with your kids and flowers, and wildlife and I won't come and do your job for my friends to save them some money.
Preserve your photos by having them printed, make books from them do something cool with them, but don't think you are good enough to take someone's wedding photos!


Thursday, January 23, 2014

New Born | New Family | Central MN | Professional Photography | Sheri's Studio Inc

We had the privilege of creating the new portraits for this new "New Year's" family!  Miss T joined the world as close to midnight New Years Day as possible.  Now the family can talk about dribbling in a whole new way! ( dad is our own Bulldogs basketball coach)

New born sessions are great for so many reasons, the MAIN reason is... they just don't stay this small for very long at all.  As a matter of fact, one month is a huge amount of time in terms of how much these wee little ones change.

DIY Bride advice from a real bride | Sheri's Studio | Central Mn | Professional Photography

This is a blog post from another photographer, but so worth reposting for all brides out there.

Money Saving Monday – Know Where to Spend the Money

April 12th, 2010 · 17 Comments

Several weeks ago I mentioned a blogger by the moniker of the Hindsight Bride.  She just so happens to be a college classmate of mine and one I really wish I had reconnected with before her wedding.  She made the mistake of cutting corners where you should never cut corners – your wedding photography.  So I guess you could consider this post to be the “Anti-money Saving Monday” post.  That’s right, after more than a year of posting tips and tricks to save my brides cash, I’m finally breaking it down.  SAVE MONEY ON OTHER THINGS BUT DON’T SCRIMP ON THE PHOTOS!!  I could go on, but instead I will let you read about the Hindsight Bride’s biggest wedding planning regret.
What can you do when your DIY wedding photos suck? Nothing: A Hindsight Look at Wedding Photography Woes
When I was planning my own wedding I found so much inspiration on all the pretty wedding blogs. Though I only had a $5000 budget, I was determined to have a sweet, wonderful, beautiful wedding. With careful planning and lots of DIY spunk, I indeed had the wedding of my dreams.
We DIY-ed everything: our cake, the favors, our invitations, the bunting and pinwheel decorations, our centerpieces and flowers, the wine labels, and the iPod “DJ”. Everything but the bouquets and the clothes. It was an amazingly cute wedding. Many of our friends remarked that it was “so us,” and “so much fun” What more could a bride want?
Right now I want beautiful pictures to match the beautiful wedding we put so much time and love into creating.
Let me say that again:
Right now I want beautiful pictures to match our beautiful wedding.
In the thick of planning, I was happy to be saving so much by going the DIY route. I felt clever, empowered, and on top of the budget-bride, DIY world. When it came to hiring a photographer I scoured the wedding forums for advice. Lots of brides and budget-minding blogs were talking about hiring a student photographer.
blurrybride copy
Ding, ding, ding–I work at a University! What a perfect solution, I thought. I asked around campus for recommendations and found a student. I assure you ladies, I covered all of my bases.  I interviewed her three times: Once to get to know her and look at her portfolio; once to show her blogs and tear sheets so she would know what I was looking for. I met with her one final time so she could show me wedding pictures she found that she thought would appeal to me. When I saw that her style matched mine, we signed a contract, went over the shot list, and I paid her half of the $150 I had offered her. Note: You get what you pay for.
cake copy
No framing, blown-out, and weird facial expressions. It seems like my photographer was either blind or didn’t care.

She showed up at the wedding with a borrowed Nikon D60 with a single, stock  lens. She proceeded to take snapshots, not portraits, not fun detail shots, snapshots. The real bummer was the camera’s owner had been shooting at 1600 ISO. My wedding was a mid-day affair. Nearly every outside image (mine was an outdoor fete, mind you) was blown out. The images that were not blownout had little interest, and were often shot too far away. I have no close-up portraits of the family together. They were all shot at a distance. Many of the so-called detail shots were shot at a wide angle distance, and her framing made even the sweetest moment look boring and commonplace. In short, she had no eye. My nine year old niece had a better eye than my photographer. Luckily some friends and family gave us sweet pictures that can go into an album. Still, the pictures we do have don’t compare in the least to professional photography.
cakecutting copy
Decent composition, but totally blown out

When I got the 9 CDs of images, she had compressed them all with iPhoto. They will not print at larger formats, nor can I correct the images because there is not enough information on each image to recover detail. Photoshop will only do so much. There is a saying that I think applies here: garbage in, garbage out.
customwinelabels copy
She went from too light to too dark, ugh.

I cried, and cried, and cried. Almost a year later, my heart still breaks. As a blogger, I still cruise the wedding blogs looking for tips and inspiration. I see lots of the same DIY indie styles at the forefront of wedding trends. I see details similar to those I created for my wedding. The biggest difference: they are beautifully shot by a professional photographer, mine are not. I often find myself thinking, that could have been me with the lovely pictures. Sadly, it is not.
dance copy
even sweet moments look commonplace without proper framing

I know I sound like a broken record here, but it’s important for budget brides to understand something: there is no substitute for professional photography!
sign copy
Was she looking at the rest of the picture. Note the guy walking around.

So here’s my Hindsight Advice to you ladies and gents: Hire a professional photographer! Even if it’s only for part of the wedding. I have talked to Amber, as well as a several photographers in western North Carolina, at length about this. While some pros won’t shoot a few hours, many will.  Often it depends on how busy they are, and what time of year you are getting married. So here are some tips for those of  you who are “broke as a joke” and thinking of DIY-ing your wedding photography.
portraits copy
No close-up of our families

Don’t DIY your wedding photography! Instead:
Talk to photographers honestly about your situation. Let them know how much photography means to you and be honest about how much you have.
Ask them for advice and options for capturing your wedding
Ask if there are discounts of off-season weddings, or Thursday, Friday, or Sunday weddings
Ask if the photographer would be willing to shoot the ceremony and portraits, or shoot for a few hours rather than the whole wedding and reception.
Ask if the photographer offers a “photography registry”
Notice a trend here? Talk to professional photographers. Ask questions. Ask for advice. Also, free up money elsewhere by making Photography a priority.
grove copy
This cannot be corrected because of the already outrageously high ISO + image compression

Other budgeting tips that you have seen everywhere but may cringe to think about them include:
-Limit your guest list
-Nix or scale back on the favors (homemade cookies are inexpensive and sweet)
-Scale back on flowers and centerpieces, use smaller containers, in-season flowers, or less expensive flowers (try ranunculus instead of roses)
-Scale back on attire (shop around for a once worn dress)
-Serve a signature drink instead of offering a full bar
-Limit your guest list (yes, I am perfectly aware that I’ve already said this)
MOH copy
Here my brother, the man-of-honor, and I have a sweet sibling moment that was NOT properly captured

Here’s the honest to goodness Hindsight Truth about weddings. Your wedding will mean more to you and your partner than it will to anyone else. A year later, friends cannot remember what type of flowers I had, nor the color of the bridesmaids dresses, nor most of the other details I put so much time and effort into. They had a good time and that was it. For me, my wedding was one of the best days of my life, and it was fleeting. I have precious little by which to remember off of the delightful little details of the day.
tableshot copy
This is the only type of picture I have of our guests. Wide angle snapshots.

With the new indie-wedding style so popular, you can scale back on so much and still have a sweet wedding. Look at this simple wedding published on Once Wed. She had simple flowers, an e-Bay dress, homemade programs, and balloon decorations. Oh, and a professional photographer! Now her wedding is on a top wedding blog. Please don’t skimp on professional photography! You won’t regret having beautiful photos for years to come. {{{I’d also like to point out that one of our favorite weddings from last year – Kayla and Brock – were a DIY/Budget couple.  Their one splurge was us and now they have a wonderful record of the special day they worked so hard to create}}}
Thank you so much Hindsight Bride!  Please don’t forget to visit her blog and leave her a little comment love!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sweet Heart Special | Sheri's Studio | Central MN | Professional Photographer

Our Sweet Heart Special is the perfect gift for you and him!  You get to be pampered and look amazing for fun portraits that will show you just how beautiful you really are and then you get to share these with him on Valentines Day!

Make it more fun and bring a girl friend and do the sessions at the same time, after all what could be more fun?
You can do A Pin Up look (see our board on Pinterest)
Be A Retro Glam girl
Show off a little sexy in lingerie
Have fun and be teasing in his favorite sport or hobby
This is all about you feeling beautiful and fun, lets create a session in your comfort zone!

We also have some fun new Special only gifts to offer you

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Couple | Sheri's Studio | Central MN | Professional Photographer

I love hearing the stories of my customers, how they met, how they proposed, how the wee ones joined the family.  The stories of the scars, the laughs, and the nick names.  I am so lucky to do this for a living.
Today is no different.  This awesome couple shared their story with me, it was a story years in the making and I had the pleasure today of creating portraits that will help them share their new story wight eh world!  What a fun couple!!
Too often we forget to take a moment and get a portrait of you and the one you love dearly.  It is always about the kids, or getting that family portrait done.  But you know it all started with the two of you, celebrate that.  Was your last photo together prom?  Your wedding?  a snap shot at a gathering?  Really?!?!  This portrait will always give you something to look at and smile, first on the inside and then it will spread to your lips and eyes and then all of a sudden you are having a good day, just because you saw a portrait of the two of you... happy... in love... looking amazing.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Studio Re-Make | Professional Photography | Central MN | Sheri's Studio

Every year I repaint and create all new display portraits and products.  For me it is a way to keep things fresh, for my customers and maybe someday customers it gives them a reason to stay interested in what we have going on her on the corner.  This year I went with a light airy feel, this was a contrast to last years sapphire blue and steel grey color scheme.

I am always most exited about the new displays not he walls and show casing the products that are available now.  This year was no exception.  We have added "Wood" portrait.  Yep real portraits printed translucently unreal wood, it really is something to see.  It just has a feel of something that will be preserved and cared for your generations.

With the new facelift this year we have some new policies in place.
  • We will now need the session fee paid (plus tax) when you schedule your appointment, this payment is for that time and is nonrefundable.
  • We are a proof less studio now, so we will share you poses online with you and schedule a viewing and ordering appointment in person
  • All orders under $500 need to be paid in full when the order is placed.  If the order is over $500 the first $500 is paid at the time of the order and the balance is due when you pick up your finished order.
  • We are a "by appointment only" studio, this is for consultations, sessions ordering sessions, and order pick up.  We want to ensure that we can give 100% of our attention during your tie with us.

All of these changes are in the best interest of our costumers and to ensure we are giving them the best I can offer.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tae Kwon Do Sports | Professional Photography | Central MN | Sheri's Studio

One of the many many many things I love about my job is that I get to peek into the cool lives of my customers.  Lastnight I got to photograph the Central Lakes Tae Kwon Do gym here in Paynesville.  These photos help these kids and adults celebrate their achievements in this sport.  It was really awesome to watch the instructors with the kids and the patients they have is something to aspire to let me tell you!
I am so blessed to to be able to do what I love everyday and to have such a great community to support me in doing it.  Not everyone is this lucky and I try hard to never take that for granted.

In cace you were wondering how sports photos work here is the skinny:
I come in bring everything I need.  I have order information for the parents.  I photograph all the athletes, or musicians, or thespian, or what eve the group is and create a large group pose as well.  I don't do order envelops and I photograph everyone, so no one is that kid that got left out.
The next day parents get to log on to a private password protected gallery and see the photos and choose and order right for the comfort of their own home at what ever hour of the days gives them a few minutes of peace to do it.  In 2 weeks the final orders are delivered to the coaches and we provide free thank you 5x7s of the group for the coaches.  There is no expense for the group to have me come.
Click here for a bit more info.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

MNPPA Fellowship Degree | Professional Photography | Central MN | Sheri's Studio

"Congratulations Sheri!
The Minnesota Professional Photographers Association would like to inform you that you have earned your MNPPA Fellowship Degree. We recognize the hard work, dedication, and service you have provided to the profession of photography and to our association as you have earned this honor.  This year our awards will be presented at our Winter Seminar Awards Luncheon & Annual Meeting at the Cambria Suites in Maple Grove on February 2, 2014 at 12:30.  We hope you will be able to join us as we honor you and your accomplishment before your peers.  Congratulations."

What a nice email to receive today!  The MNPPA offer 3 degrees you can earn

  • Service- going above and beyond to serve the MNPPA association 
  • Accredited- accumulating points through credit winning print competition at the state and regional level
  • Fellowship- going above and beyond for the betterment of photography as an industry in MN

I have already earned the Service and the Accredited, it has been a professional goal to have all 3 MNPPA degrees.  My new official title will be:
Sheri Wegner CPP, Cr. Photog, ASF-MNPPA

PS we will be closed Feb 1, 2, and 3rd to attend this event and awards ceremony

Wedding point of view | Sheri's Studio | Central MN | Professional Photographer

As a bride you have so many things to think about, plan, arrange, and do.  Today I would like to share a different point of view of your wedding day.  This is just one little thing.

Imagine your day, maybe you ate breakfast maybe you were to nervous.  But you did have a snack at the church and water before the service.  This is a good plan and good job on being smart.
After the service you are wisked either to a bar or the reception, more liquid of one kind or another and maybe a few bites of snack food and then dinner and then your dance.  What a great day!

Imagine your day, I do eat breakfast, I load all the equipment in the car and drive to your wedding, arrive early, set up, and prepare for your big day.  I photograph the two of you, your wedding party your family and then I load all the equipment in the car and get ready for the candids before the service.  I photograph your wedding, the receiving line, I fly to your reception to photograph the beautiful empty decorated room, I stay with you during the cocktail hour, dinner, and into your dance.  I load equipment go to the studio unload, and finally make it home many many many hours later.
What you didn't see was me taking a bathroom break, stopping to eat lunch, eating a supper that wasn't offered at your reception.  Because I haven't, I have been working the entire time for YOU, because I love what I do.

But let's be honest here, I maybe amazing but I am also human and this many hours later my blood sugar levels are getting a little out of wack and I am dehydrated and hungry.

If you offer me a meal at your reception I will be so grateful.  I don't want to miss anything, so make sure that I have a seat close to the head table so I am able to jump up and catch those moments.  Ask the server to serve me right after the head table so I am eating when you are and not being served when you are done and ready for cake photos.

As a bonus, if I am served a meal, I photograph it too!  
 Now you get a reminder of your wedding reception meal in your preview book!!

I know that photographers are like super heroes and can work for hours, but we sure appreciate that meal more than anyone else at your reception when it is offered to us.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Quick Pic "Angelic" | Sweet Heart Special |Owning your old files and negatives |Sheri's Studio | Central MN | Professional Photographer

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the things you did" -Mark Twain

 I found that quote and it struck a chord with me.  You see, I have wanted to go to Ireland for several years and got really really close twice.  So, If I really want to go, I need to make it happen.    I am ear marking all the old negatives and files I sell this round towards that "once in a lifetime" trip.  As a result you will see more posts about trying to find some old out of touch customers, if you can help me when you see them, it would be so hugely appreciated.

Old files?  What I am talking about?  Well, after 20 years in business I really just ran out of space to store everyones negatives and digital filed cds.  AND technology is changing really fast these days and the newer computers longer include a CD drive, I want to make sure the my customers have a chance to own, copy, and print from these files before the CD is like the Beta tape, you can own it, you just have nothing to play it in.
I have organized allt eh files by customers and are working through contacting everyone with the following offer.
You can own and have print rights to print and share (on paper or on social media or your website or family online family tree site) your photos from your previous sessions here at Sheri's Studio.

  • The first year is $40. 
  • Each additional year is only $15 each. 
  • This includes EVERYTHING I have for each year. 
  • Or if you were a wedding couple the wedding and end engagement is $100 and anything else we have is $15 per year.  

With any file purchase I am also giving you a "thank you and I would love to work with you again " gift of $25 off any family session and this certificate never expires and you can use it yourself or you can gift to a family member of friend.

Give me a call and I can look up what I have for you and give you a total.  I will even insure ship everything to you for $10 insured postage fee.

The other things I have going on right now are:

Angelic and Sweet Heart need appointments, give me a call to reserve your sessions 243-7771

And just for fun:

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Pin Up Girl | Sheri's Studio | Central MN | Professional Photographer

What is Pin Up?  Well that depends on who you ask.  There is an underlining constant thread, but then it starts to unravel with each artists taste and interpretation.

For me, at the studio, I strive to create fun cheeky simple poses ( few props and limited backgrounds) of fun and PG rated sexy poses in period clothing with the cute hair style of the times and make up application.  

I think Pin up was about being sexy by leaving it to the imagination. 

When you can have fun, look great, and create portraits that will get the blood pumping in your sweetie then we have successful created a Pin Up Girl Pose.  

Here are tips on how to make it work.

Clothing-  Pin up was a lot of fun high waisted tighter fitting clothing that showed skin without showing the goods.  Midrift, thighs, open back, exposed arms, plunging neckline.  But not lingerie, not see through sheers, not sexy lace.  Remember this is from the 40s.  Cotton was HUGE.

Shoes- the higher the heel the longer and leaner your legs will look.  Keep them either retro style or simple pumps, strapies and up the legs ties and boots are all the wrong style here.

Nylons- always a good idea, sheer to waist or french seam or even thigh high (with the right dress)

Hair-  If you are going to splurge and do something as fun as a Pin Up session do it right, after all will you ever do it again??  Have your hair and make up done by the professionals.  I promise you it will make ALL the difference in the final look and polish.  After all you deserve the pamper yourself right?
Remember these are period styles and you will NOT look like you normally do, that is part of the fun of it right. (think sexy Halloween for adults)  Your air will be totally different then you wear it every day and your make up will be much heavier then you have ever worn too.  Trust the artists, they know what they are doing and you will LOOK GREAT.  In Paynesville we recommend  Beyond Basic Salon for hair and make up. 

Poses- they look super cute but they will give you a work out.  I keep the set very clean and simple so the focus is on you.  I use limited props and very simple solid colored backgrounds.  The poses are all vintage inspired and all will leave you feeling like you just had a very stretchy yoga class.  The good news is, I do the pose to show you and when you are in the right position I am fast at the camera so you don't have to hold it long!  you're welcome!

I am not a size 0!  Guess what, neither were woman in the 40's.  Pin up is not for the skinny!  It was a curves, sexy curves.  And the great part, if you are self conscious about parts of your body, remember Pin up is about covering your body and leaving the sexy to the imagination. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Owning your Files and Negatives | Sheri's Studio Inc | Professional Photography | Central MN

Why should you own your old files and negatives from sessions that you have already ordered from?

This is a great question, you already spent the money and got what you wanted.... or did you.  Did you have to compromise on poses you really would have liked to keep, but didn't to keep your order in your budget?  Do you even remember those "other" really cute poses that you loved?

Ok lets look at it from this angle.  If your sessions were from 2005 forward there are TONS of images that you never even saw as I had to edit down to a reasonable number of images to show you, and sometimes this edit was heart breaking knowing you would never see the "other" ones.

Ok ok lets go from over here.  Were there people in the groups that are no longer with us?  Would those be a precious gift to their spouse or parent?

Lets look into the future for this perspective.  When your kids  graduate or get married or pass away there are always photo boards of their lives, here is a golden archive waiting for you. 
When your kids start having kids how fun will it be to share the photos of your  kids from when they were little and growing up right here in front of the lens at Sheri's Studio.

For the Bride, I promise you there are poses you never saw, plus how many grandparents were in the photos that have since passed on?  Can you imaging making a fun scrapbook for your kids to have when they get married of your wedding?

Why Now?
No I am not going out of business, but technology is moving at the speed of light.  The new computers do not have CD drives any more.  So what does that mean to you.  You have a small window of time to get the cds and upload to the cloud or your hard drive before you won't have a device to put the cd into.  Remember Beta tape?  8 track Tapes? Floppy Discs?  Well the CD is right behind them.
Yes you can still have negatives scanned to digital files now, but that will be coming to halt sooner than later too.

What are you going to do with them?
Store them, archive them, print them, share them on social media, make gifts, finish those scrapbooks that are in the closet, make your own online albums, preserve them as memories that can never be recreated.

Here is the Skinny 
The first year is $40 and each additional year is $15, and that includes everything I have for you for each year, negatives, cds, dvds, and previews.  Each year will be different.
If you were a wedding it is $100 for the wedding and the engagement session and $15 for each year we have for you other than your wedding.

What happens if I don't buy them?
The reality is, I am simply out of storage space and just like you, I won't have a computer to put your CD into either, so I will NO LONGER BE STORING THEM.

Sweet Heart Special | Art of Allure | Central MN | professional Photography | Sheri's Studio

Quick Pic Special | Angelic | Professional Photography | Central MN | Sheri's Studio

Special | Professional Photographer | Central MN | Sheri's Studio

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wedding advice?  everyone has some for you...want it or not.
I have observations for you, after all over a 20 year career of photographing weddings professionally I have seen quite a few.

- Today everyone has a cell phone or an iPad or some other device that has a camera.  That is cool, really I love photos of all kinds.  BUT you have spend a BIG portion of your budget on professional wedding photography.  Leave it to the professionals.  If we are constantly having to work around all those that love you while they are trying take a photo of our cool pose set up or that candid moment, we are NOT able to give our best.

       Let me me make a clarification quickly.   I do not want them to stop taking photos so:

  • I can sell you more
  • I have the ONLY pictures of your weddings
  • My ego is bigger then your dress train
I want them to stop taking the photos I am already taking because:
  • They can take all kinds of fun candids that are happening every where  we aren't and they can share your whole day's events with you later, what a cool gift would that be!
  • I am skilled in creating the mood that will lead into an amazing pose and will allow me to create a image that will show the true emotion of the day, that is hard to do when people are trying to make you laugh and take a "snappy".
  • I am on a schedule to get everything done that you asked me to do.  I am skilled at time management without you feeling rushed and hurried.  When I am interrupted continually to allow others to take a photo or they are they there I have to keep asking them to step over so I can be in the "sweet" spot to capture the right angle, that takes away for my ability to do this for you.
  • I am very respectful of your wedding church.  I stay to the back or seated closer as to NOT take away the attention for YOU.  As a result I have limited ability to capture those amazing key moments.  When someone throws up an iPad, well that is what I am going to have in YOUR wedding album.  When they stand in the isle to get that "First Kiss" shot with their cell phone, I see their backside blocking you.  And chances are they aren't even going to share that photo with you because "your photographer got that right, mine didn't come out that good anyway."  Got love your friends and family here.
  • When your dad is busy taking photos it is hard for him to be in the moment of your day.  It is hard for me to find him when it is time for his family portraits, I will never get one of those cool "father daughter" candid moments during the day, because he is too busy with his face behind the camera.
  • You asked a friend to take candids so you have tons of photos of your day, cool.  But taking a side view of everything I am doing isn't giving you anything amazing or showing all the things that where happening while your wedding party was waiting for the service to start and we were still photographing your family.
  • People WILL took at the person with a camera that they know.  That means when you view your poses from me there will be people looking off to the side and not at me. You won't have a nice family photo with everyone looking, how sad.

Ok that was a lot, sorry, I could actually go on for pages but really I just wanted to get you thinking about your wedding day and all those picture taking devices.  Ask yourselves, is it more important for you to have a bunch of family and friends taking photos of you all day that are poorly posed, poorly lit. and at funny angles with body parts missing, or for beauty professional portraits that you have already PAID for?

If the answer is the later, then let your family and friends know that and then go on to have a beautiful wedding day and portrait that will help you relive it for years to come when you sit and flip through your wedding album.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Studio Update

I will be out of the studio on Monday to attend an awesome MNPPA educational class.  I will return messages on Tuesday.  Have a great weekend!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Holiday Portraits | Sheri's Studio Portrait Photographer Paynesville MN | Central MN

Award | Sheri's Studio Portrait Photographer Paynesville MN | Central MN

I am a strong believer in keeping up on the current technology, trends and techniques in my industry.  I take several classes during the year, a several multi day seminars and conventions every year.  I think this is important to help me stay on the top of my game and give my customers the best I have to offer.
Our professional associations have various degrees you can earn through education and professional print competition.  I have been fortunate enough to earn:

  • PPA Certified Professional Photograher
  • PPA Craftman degree
  • MNPPA Service Degree
  • MNPPA Accredited Degree
  • MNPPA +25 gold bar x3
  • MNPPA Past President
  • CMPPA Past President x3
  • PPA National Award
and today I get to add my first PPA +25 gold bar.

This is exciting for me!  It means I have attended 25 additional PPA merited classes above and beyond my Cr. Photo degree and CPP required merits.

My next goal is finishing my requirements to earn my PPA Master Degree.  It is close but just tough to achieve.  When I do, you will know.  I will be the girl floating above the sidewalk for a week!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wedding Portraits | Sheri's Studio Portrait Photographer Paynesville MN | Central MN

What a perfect pairing.  A vintage style wedding in a historic church.  A good man and wonder girl.  Good friends and appreciation.  I loved Saturday's wedding.

WishingWell Floral did an amazing job on the flowers, kudos out to the bride's sister for the most amazing bouquet.  Beyond Basic and most amazing personal attendant and stylist made the the bride radiant.

Every detail was attended to and it was a magical wedding right down to the horses and buggy ride away front he church.  Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of this awesome day!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Senior Portraits | Sheri's Studio Portrait Photographer Paynesville MN | Central MN

Some times it is just worth the wait.  This guy had to wait weeks for the weather to cooperate for his senior session and I am not to proud to admit I was getting worried we wouldn't have any fall color left by the time the sun shone again.  but today was our day and the colors were great and temps were good and we got it done!
It was hard to choose my favorite from his session, there were A LOT of great poses to choose from, but this si the winner for me!
Senior sessions and running rivers always seem to go together for me.  it is like the water of life, the path of the unknown and the inability to change the course. We can only to learn to navigate it.  That is what school and life is like to me.  Plus this one is just so natural and nice to me!